Burglar Alarms Schaumburg

Burglar Alarms Schaumburg

When it comes to protecting your home and assets from burglary, installing an alarm system is usually your first step. These systems come in a variety of different styles and coverage, letting you find the system that works best for your security needs. Now is a good time to ensure that your home stays protected from unwanted visitors. A burglar alarm is a perfect addition to any home; it provides peace of mind during the regular days and nights, and much-needed protection for your person and property when the worst comes to pass. Just search “burglar alarms Schaumburg” online, then get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Access Master Security Electronics to get your home fitted with an alarm today!

Security Options

Generally, home security systems fall into one of two categories which provide different pros and cons for your home. These are:

  1. Bells-Only – This system is self-contained and typically offers less security than a hosted system. When your home is forced open in a suspicious way, the alarm will trigger. However, given that the system is self-contained, you will rely on any noise and lights attached to the alarm to scare away your intruder and attract outside help. This failing, your home will not have any further protection from burglars.
  2. Hosted Security System – In this case, your home’s security will be “hosted” by an outside company. If a door opens and the alarm is not deactivated within a set timeframe, the alarm will automatically trigger, often resulting in an audible alarm as well as informing the host security company. They will then attempt to contact the homeowner to see if there has been a mistake before contacting the police directly.

Both systems offer their benefits and protection for your home. Searching “burglar alarms Schaumburg” can help you find a trusted provider of security solutions for your small business or home.

Who is Access Master?

We have been providing electronic solutions to residents around Northwest Indiana and Illinois for over 35 years, and have a loyal customer base built over that time. Many of our clients have used our products and services for more than a decade, showcasing our company’s reliability and excellent customer service. While we are happy to offer all your burglar alarm needs, home security is only one of the hats we wear. Our services include:

Whatever the electronic needs of your home or business are, we have you covered! Our Schaumburg alarm systems keep your home protected against intruders, especially as the weather gets warmer and outdoor activity becomes more prevalent.

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To get in contact with our electronic specialists, give us a call, or find us by searching “burglar alarms Schaumburg.” We are happy to have provided the area with excellent security services for many years and would like to speak with you about your own home’s needs. Give us a call today and see how we can help!

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