Carol Stream Fire Alarms

Carol Stream Fire Alarms

Anyone who has experienced a home fire knows how terrifying they can be. In a few short moments, you can lose everything. That’s why the best way to handle a fire is to be prepared from the get-go. Installing a fire alarm in your home—or replacing the old one you currently have—is a great first step. Access Master provides Carol Stream fire alarms that constantly monitor your home’s safety. Hand the task over to us: we’ll send our team out to install a quality fire alarm system that will bring you comfort. Reach out to Access Master when you’re ready for installation. 

Access Master Installs Carol Stream Fire Alarms

Thousands of home fires happen every year in the United States. Don’t leave your family’s safety up to chance. If you have doubts about your current fire alarms, that’s a sign you need to get new ones installed. Never use a fire alarm that’s over ten years old: get it replaced immediately! 

Access Master can install a fire alarm system that works best for your home. We’ll identify the optimal locations in your home to place these fire alarms so that they maximize safety and escape time. After all, preparation is the best way to mitigate the disastrous effects of a fire. It’s not always possible to prevent fires, no matter what measures you take. Instead, focus on creating an escape plan and having a reliable fire alarm system so you can better handle the situation as it arises.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

As a homeowner, there’s plenty that you can do to maintain your new fire alarm system. Every year, you should check the alarms to make sure their batteries are still working. Test your alarms and make sure they’re calibrated. If you run into any problems or suspect that you need a new system, you’ll need the assistance of a professional from Access Master.  

Our job doesn’t end after you’ve installed your fire alarm. Whenever you’re facing problems with your fire alarm system, our team will be there to inspect the system and fix the issue at its source. 

Other Services at Access Master

Access Master offers more than just fire alarms. It’s our mission to provide comprehensive security solutions, so we have all kinds of security systems you can install in your home. Take a look at what you can get at our security vendor:

  • Hosted Access Control: Let our team handle your business’s security when you need it. Hosted access control means there’s always someone watching out for threats as they come. 
  • Video Surveillance: Our video cameras use megapixel technology to produce a high-quality image. Monitor wide spaces with a single camera by installing a surveillance system that rotates 360 degrees.
  • VOIP Telephone Systems: Make communicating convenient and affordable with VOIP telephone systems. You’ll get to replace your landlines with an internet-based call system that emails voicemails to you. 

We are confident that our services are the ones your business needs. Speak with one of our team members to see what types of security systems will work for you.   

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, Access Master is your dependable source for high-end security technology. Call us today to install Carol Stream fire alarms in your home! 

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