Best Chicago Burglar Alarms

Best Chicago Burglar Alarms

The likelihood of a break-in is not high, and many people living around the US choose not to install an alarm system at all. However, when it comes to protecting your home from theft, you buy an alarm system as insurance, with the hopes that it will never have to go off. However, in those fringe cases when your alarm system does trigger, you want it to perform its intended purpose. That’s why it is always a good idea to purchase only the best Chicago burglar alarms on the market: not only will your home stay protected during the rare instances of a break-in, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you are safe, come what may. At Access Master Security Electronics, we can provide your home with the highest levels of protection from intruders, ensuring your safety and that of your possessions.

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Access Master is a household name all around the Chicagoland area. We have installed countless homes with the security systems they can trust, all at a reasonable price. After all, we’ve been providing the region with electronic assistance for over 35 years and have built up our trusted customer base through decades of excellent service and professionalism. We believe in the long-term, and that means transparency and honesty, in addition to our amazing products and services.

How Do the Best Chicago Burglar Alarms Work?

Burglar systems typically fall into one of two camps: hosted or closed. If a burglar alarm is hosted, it means that a “host” company monitors your property, and will be aware whenever suspicious activity is detected. When this happens, the company will contact an authorized user, checking to see if there was a mistake. If the homeowner is unaware of the alarm, or if they cannot be reached, the company will call the police. These systems usually cost a bit more than closed alarms.

On the other hand, a closed alarm system will be “closed” to the house itself, meaning that no external monitoring is involved. Instead, the alarm is wired into the house itself, meaning that if a door or window opens unexpectedly, it will trip the alarm, resulting in the alarm noise and — in some cases — flashing lights. These are meant to scare away a potential intruder and attract attention to those outside the home. These systems tend to cost less than the hosted alarms.

Depending on your situation, one system might be better than the other. However, each presents its own pros and cons.

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To get set up with a high-tech and reliable alarm system, contact Access Masters Security Electronics today. You can reach out to us by calling our Chicagoland office, or by leaving us a message on our site. Our electronics specialists will be with you shortly, and we can help you install and program the best Chicago burglar alarms for your home. While the right system may depend on specific factors of your property, we are happy to discuss our options with you.

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