Chicago Fire and Burglar Alarms

Chicago Fire and Burglar Alarms

Access Master is a security solutions vendor that’s served clients in Chicagoland for over three decades. Since the beginning, we’ve carried out our mission to provide quality security technology and excellent customer service. Add an extra level of defense to your home with our security systems. We’ll install a Chicago fire and burglar alarm to keep you and your family protected from danger. When it comes to security solutions that work, Access Master is your go-to team!

Why Install Chicago Fire and Burglar Alarms?

Your family’s safety is your top priority. If you’ve been concerned about security threats, you should consider installing fire and burglar alarms. Fire alarms are a must-have in any home. They notify you at the first sign of smoke so you can safely escape. Likewise, burglar alarms provide an invaluable line of defense against intruders. A burglar alarm is important in homes that are located in areas with higher crime rates, or for homeowners who simply want a sense of comfort. 

How Our Burglar Alarms Work

At Access Master, we install burglar alarms that have only the highest efficiency and quality. We provide clients with alarm systems that seamlessly protect their homes. Here’s how your burglar alarm will work:

  • The system senses an intruder forcefully breaching a window, door, or another point of entry. You can also program the alarm to go off if someone enters and does not deactivate within a certain amount of time. 
  • You will receive a notification that the alarm has been activated. This is to ensure that there wasn’t just a mistake of some sort.  
  • If we can’t reach you, or if you confirm that the activity is unexpected or strange, we will contact authorities right away. 

The Access Master team keeps tabs on your home’s security 24/7. If we ever notice any suspicious activity, you’ll be immediately informed so you can take action. Similarly, our fire alarms work so that if you are not at home, you will be notified when a fire is detected.

Rely On Our Team For Quality Service

When it comes to installing a security system, you can’t trust just anyone to do the job. Rely on our team of experts to install a high-quality security system that protects your home. We are dedicated to serving our clients and providing the best customer experience that you expect. 

Perhaps you need a security system, but you are looking for something specific. We can help with that, too! Install an access control system, video surveillance, and more. No matter which one of our products you need, you will be pleased with its quality and efficiency. Of course, our job doesn’t end at installation. If you ever encounter any problems with your system, you can always call our team for fast troubleshooting. We have your back.

Protect Your Home With Access Master!

Keep your family safe with the security systems at Access Master. Our professional team is ready to protect your home with state-of-the-art technology and reliable surveillance services. If you’d like to learn more about installing a Chicago fire and burglar alarm in your home, call Access Master today!

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