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Do your employees feel safe at work? Do they feel secure and not threatened? Ideally this is how every workplace should be for every employee, customer and visitor who walks through your door, but it is not always the case. Give everyone that great feeling of extra added security by upgrading or installing a video surveillance system. If you own or operate a business in Chicago, or its surrounding suburbs, our team of professional commercial video surveillance technicians can install a customized system to meet all your needs.

Increase Safety with a Video Surveillance System in Chicago

Businesses need to think about safety all the time. Site managers need to ensure parking lots are safe and the building is secure. One of the easiest and affordable things a business owner can do is install a video surveillance system. Here are a few reasons why you should call us today to get your video surveillance system installed today at your Chicagoland business.

Keep hackers at bay. All of us are aware that hackers are only a step or two away from getting into our business. When you have a video surveillance system installed, we make sure your software is safe and is not threatened. We will not let you down and you can count on us for protection.  Let Access Master Security Electronics safeguard your operation.

Safeguard your people. One of the most important advantages of installing a customized video surveillance system is that you will create a greater sense of safety for all your employees, customers, and visitors. Your employees should not feel threatened parking the car at work or entering the building. Not only can video surveillance create a safer environment, it will also deter crime. When thieves see cameras they usually will ditch the crime.

Control insurance costs. Another great plus about installing a video surveillance system is that you have footage that can be reviewed to see what happened if a customer, employee or visitor states they have been injured in a slip and fall accident on your site.  The video footage is useful, especially for the Insurance company that can use it to reduce casualty losses.

Reduce shrinkage and loss. As a business owner, you have a good idea of what is in your inventory right now and you most likely set a dollar figure or percentage for shrinkage. When you install a video surveillance system, you will be able to decrease the amount of lost or stolen inventory because now you can see where it is going. For instance, is still on a truck? Did an employee take it home? Did it fall off the pallet? Now you will have a better understanding of your inventory and how to keep it safe.

Access Master Security Electronics Will Customize a System Just for You

At Access Master Security Electronics we will customize a video surveillance system that is just right for you. We use the following technology:

  • Remote and Mobile Accessible
  • Hybrid Video System
  • IP Megapixel Technology
  • Megapixel Cameras

Contact Access Master for Video Surveillance System Installation in Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs Today

At Access Master, keeping your business safe is our job so you can keep doing your job. We offer several solutions that are sure to meet your needs as a Chicagoland business. Our goal is to provide the best products, service, and support to you while building a relationship as the vendor you trust.

We have been serving the metro Chicago area for over 35 years and we only offer quality products, professional installation, and ongoing personal service, all at affordable price. If you want to install a one-of-a-kind video surveillance system at your site, please contact us by providing us with your contact information and we will get in touch with you shortly, or call us directly at 708-349-9000.

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