Fire Alarms Chicago

Fire Alarms Chicago

In 1871, a fire which started southwest of Chicago spread to the city center, destroying miles of homes and business along the streets. The inferno killed hundreds and thousands more found themselves homeless in the process; over the next years, the city had to be rebuilt, requiring millions of dollars in labor and supplies. And though a fire of this magnitude is inconceivable by today’s standards, much of the city we know and love was built following this apocalyptic event. Technology and shifts in building materials ensure that such a disaster will never occur again, but fires are still a significant concern for anyone owning a business, home or apartment around the Chicago area. If you are thinking about what you can do to protect your home from a fire, search “fire alarms Chicago” or look up Access Master Security Electronics at our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Common Types of Fires

The fire department has classified fires by their sources and the type of fire that results from each situation. Of these many classes, a few are common in residential or business areas. Each can be dangerous in its own way.

  • Class A: these fires are the most common, and involve solid materials — such as wood, cloth or paper. This category will include the majority of fires in your home or business.
  • Calls B: these fires involve flammable liquids (gasoline, oil, etc.)
  • Class E: these fires are caused by live electrical materials, including downed phone lines and overheating equipment,
  • Class F: “grease fires” caused by fry oil or other cooking oils.

In each of these cases, having an active fire alarm can prevent the worst damage to your home or business. If you are interested in learning more about fire alarm systems, search “fire alarms Chicago” today, and click on our site!

Benefits of Fire Alarms

The pros of installing a fire alarm in your Chicago home may seem evident, but there are a few fringe benefits you may not think about. Here are a couple of reasons you might want to stop by Access Master and ask about our installation options:

  • Advance notice: there are fewer concepts more frightening than the prospect of waking up to a raging fire inside your home. With a smoke or fire alarm, you can wake up fast enough to escape.
  • Possibility of prevention: while most people are unable to stop a major fire from destroying their home, an alarm sensing initial smoke or heat may be able to provide you with enough warning to put out the fire before it gets too far out of hand.
  • Home and business protection: with the right type of alarm, you can passively protect your home from a dangerous fire. Installing sprinkler systems in your business will help smother a fire before too much damage has been done, and an advanced electronic system will contact the fire department, allowing professionals to help protect your property.

With all these factors in mind, having a Chicago fire alarm system installed might be your best option for protecting your family and property.

Contact Our Chicago Fire Alarm Specialists

To help get your home protected, get in touch with our team of experienced fire alarm installers. You can stop by our Illinois location to browse our selection of self-installed systems, or you can visit our website and leave us a message with some details about your home or business and what types of fires you’d like to protect yourself against. You can find us here, or by searching “fire alarms Chicago.” Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

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