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Access Control Systems in Merrillville

Is your business interested in maximizing its security and efficiency? If you are a goal-driven business owner who is focused on success, chances are that any opportunity you have to improve your business is seized. At Access Master Security Electronics, our company is as committed to your business’ prosperity as you are, which is why we offer custom access control systems that do more than just offer security. To learn more about our access control systems in Merrillville, IN, please contact us today.

What Does an Access Control System Do?

A basic access control system is used to provide those with authorized access the ability to enter a property or area of a property without a key to do so (i.e. pincode, fingerprints, security card, etc.). In addition to letting those with authorized access enter, access control systems are also used to keep unwanted visitors out.

But our access control systems do much more than just regulate who comes in and out of your business; instead, our systems are designed to provide a number of customizable features, including:

  • Temperature integration, which lets you know if temperatures change within an area of your business (key for freezers, serving areas, etc).;
  • Surveillance integration;
  • Generator integration;
  • Door timer systems, so that doors lock and unlock on a set schedule;
  • Light timer systems, so that you can make sure lights turn off and on at certain hours to conserve energy;
  • Door alarm systems that will provide you with an alert when opened; and
  • Any other business critical specific monitoring that is relevant to your business.

We provide customized solutions for your business. If you are interested in the integration of a system that you don’t see named in the list above, call us and we’ll let you know if it is something we are capable of.

Why Invest in an Access Control System in Merrillville

There are many reasons to invest in an access control system in Merrillville, IN, beginning with the security of your company, your company’s products and assets, and your employees. When you have a secure access control system in place, you automatically reduce the risk of those without authorization entering the property, including any criminals.

But in addition to security, an access control system also helps your business run more efficiently. You can take comfort in knowing that doors will lock and unlock when you need them, you’ll know if power goes out or temperatures change, and you’ll be informed of any emergencies or security breaches. Our systems can also help your business to be more energy efficient, ultimately saving money.

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If you are ready to learn more about how to improve your business through the installation of an access control system, we can help. Please contact us today for free information and an assessment of your business’ needs at 708-349-9000. You can also get in touch with us by sending us an email directly, and we will reply to your inquiry shortly. We are committed to help your business be as efficient, secure, and successful as possible!

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