Merrillville Fire Alarm Systems

Merrillville Fire Alarm Systems

Every year, hundreds of businesses and homes are damaged by fires, many of which are caused by preventable factors. From buildup of grease on your stove to forgetting to empty the lint trap in your dryer, there are a few common causes of house fires which are preventable. In an office setting, leaving important technology on while you are not in the office, and having too many devices plugged into the same outlet ratchets up the likelihood that you will experience a fire at work. With a few simple steps, you can drastically lower the chances of a fire damaging your livelihood and putting you, your family and your coworkers at risk. And while there are plenty of preventative steps for avoiding fires, other unseen factors can also cause fires. In these cases, you’ll want the technology to alert you to the danger. At Access Master, our Merrillville fire alarm systems are the perfect addition for any office or home, ensuring your safety when the worst comes to pass.

Preventing Fires in Your Home and Office

While fires can occur for many reasons — some of which are not foreseeable or preventable — there are several common (and avoidable) factors which contribute to many home and office-destroying fires every year. Taking steps to avoid these can ensure that your building stays safe — whether you’re working in a hundred-employee office, or living in a small apartment building.

  • Unplug electronics at night – this is particularly true in an office setting — where everyone goes home during the night. Electrical fires are especially prevalent in offices because of the regular use of electronic equipment around combustible paper.
  • Stay in the kitchen – the kitchen is the most likely location for a fire to start, a logical step, considering the fact that you are working with open heat sources. When you’re cooking on the stove, stay in the kitchen so you can act immediately at the first sign of a fire.
  • Clean your stove – crusted-on food, leftover grease and dirty burners are all minor fire hazards for your kitchen. Small risks add up: clean your stove after cooking.
  • Empty lint traps – dryers are another common culprit: lint is exceptionally combustible, quickly igniting when paired with heat from a dryer.
  • Dispose of waste – like lint, paper can catch fire at a relatively low temperature, making it great for starting fires (whether you want them or not). Cleaning up your paper trash and disposing of it far from a heat source can do wonders.
  • Buy a fire alarm – Fire alarms often give you the chance to prevent a fire before it spreads, and to escape when prevention is no longer a possibility. To improve your home or office safety, speak with Access Master to learn more about our Merrillville fire alarm systems.

Using all of these steps, you can lower the risk of a fire in your home or office. After all, remaining vigilant of fires is a huge aspect for your home or office’s security; speak with Access Master to discuss what other steps you can take to ensure you remain safe, no matter what happens. 

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