Merrillville Security System Installation

Keep Your Merrillville Business Safer with a Security System Installation

Did you know that if burglars see an alarm at your business, there is a 60 percent chance they will go elsewhere? Protect your business and your inventory in Merrillville by installing a state-the-art security system from Access Master Security Electronics. Contact us today to discover all the benefits you will get from a security system installed in your business.

We Only Offer Cutting Edge Security Systems for You to Choose From

Our security systems are designed to function correctly with updated software systems. We provide the best service in the business and take care of our customers like they were a member of our family. You can create a one-of-a-kind system that features the following benefits:

Burglar alarm. If someone comes onto your property without notice, the burglar alarm will go off. The local police will be notified, and you will have peace of mind that the situation is being taken care even before you arrive at your office.

Fire alarm. Imagine that you are sleeping and an electrical fire breaks out in your office. As soon as the alarm is activated, the Merrillville fire department has been alerted and are on their way to your place of business. You will be relieved that your business is in good hands.

Video surveillance. Video surveillance will record the person or persons who are trying to break into your location. This recording will significantly help the Merrillville police solve the case, and if the burglars were successful in breaking into your business, you have a better chance of getting your property back. In addition to video recording, Access Master Security Electronics also install a 24-hour video surveillance systems that you can access remotely. By having remote access, when you are away on a work trip or vacation, you can know exactly what is going on at your office so you can rest assured that your employees and inventory are safe and not in harm’s way.

Remote access control. Remote access control is perfect for someone who is away from the office often. With access control, you can do everything from turn on and off the lights, lock or unlock doors or gates, and control the temperature with your smartphone. If you leave your business and forget to turn off the lights or set the alarm, you can shut the lights off or set the alarm by access control.

Select Access Master Security Electronics To Keep Your Business Safe

Our reputation precedes us. For over 35 years, we have been protecting Merrillville businesses and residents. We have wonderful reviews from our clients, who stay with us for years and years. Our goal is to find the best security solution that is affordable for you and then install it quickly and hassle-free. Our highly skilled technicians stay up to date with technology and are trained in expert installation. If you already have a security system installed at your business, we can make custom changes, maintain, or repair your system if need be.

Let us be Your Security System Installation Team In Merrillville

Installing a security system in your business will scare off potential thieves, protect your office and surrounding area and will provide you and your employees a real sense of security.  To learn more about the installation of a Merrillville security system, call our professional staff today at 708-349-9000 or contact us by sending us a message using the form on our website. We are here to make your business safe and secure.

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