Merrillville VoIP Telephone System

Merrillville VoIP Telephone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems are a great way to upgrade your home or business. While landlines have been the norm for many decades, the internet has opened the door to many innovations and possibilities in communication. Get in contact with Access Master Security Electronics to upgrade your standard phone lines to our Merrillville VoIP telephone system today.

How Does it Work?

Among its various other uses, the internet has allowed us to communicate more effectively. From your neighbors across the street to someone on the other side of the country, you are connected to an enormous network of other internet users. One of the benefits of this network is being able to quickly and wirelessly communicate. Where landlines require the use of telephone poles and wires strung over hundreds of miles, eventually connecting one person to another, the Merrillville VoIP telephone system allows you to essentially jack your phone into the internet, instantly connecting you to millions of other internet devices around the country. To learn more about the way VoIP works, read here. Contact us today.

Why Should I Switch?

There are many significant advantages of VoIP over your standards landlines. To start, specific technical difficulties present with phone lines are no longer an issue. While severe weather could quickly knock out phone lines in the past, this is no longer a possibility with wireless data connections. Other inconveniences – poor quality and additional cost for long-distance calls, for instance —  are no longer factors, as devices are all plugged into the same huge network. Overall, our NWI and Merrillville VoIP telephone systems offer a tremendous upgrade over standard phone technology.

What’s Special About Us?

The Access Master Security Electronics service is exceptional for several reasons. Amongst our many features are:

  • Superior routing for all calls – We’ll have you on the call quicker than anyone else.
  • You get to keep your same number – Nobody likes switching numbers, so you keep yours.
  • HD Audio – Crisper sound quality during your important calls.
  • Emailed voicemails – Even if you’re away from the phone, you can receive your voicemails over email, allowing you access on any internet device.
  • Hosted options – Our options let you pay for the capacity you’ll need, keeping your overhead costs lower.
  • And many more!

Upgrade Today

To upgrade to VoIP today, or to learn more about our offers and services, contact Access Master Security Electronics at (708)349-9000 or fill out a contact form on our website. Our staff has been working in telecom services for over thirty years; our Merrillville VoIP telephone system improves your calling while lowering your overall price. We look forward to hearing from you!

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