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Access Control Systems in Oak Brook

An access control system is a unique way of giving access to a building or area to authorized users, simultaneously keeping unauthorized users out. But access control systems from Access Master Security Electronics do much more than that – in addition to providing a form of keyless entry, our access control systems also feature a number of unique options that can help you to better manage your Oak Brook business.

The Benefits of an Access Control System

When you choose an access control system from Access Master, you’ll be able to do much more than just provide authorized access to users of your choice. Indeed, our Access Control systems are highly advanced, and can be customized to meet your needs. Some unique features include:

  • Video surveillance and alarm integration. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing that your access control system is integrated with both your business’ video surveillance system and alarm system, providing you with heightened security.
  • Lighting control. Not only can our access control system be integrated with your video monitoring and alarm system, but also with your lighting system as well. Indeed, you can program your access control unit to automatically turn down lights in the evening, and turn them back on in the morning.
  • Generator integration. Losing power to your business can be a scary feeling, which is why our access control units can be connected to your power grid and generator so that you will receive instant notification if the power goes out, or/and if your generator is running low on fuel.
  • Temperature monitoring. Depending upon the type of business you operate, temperature control could be a very important feature. Indeed, if a freezer was to get too warm, this could result in a huge loss of food and profit. Our systems can monitor temperatures and alert you of any changes so that you can take action fast.
  • Door alarms and locking. Another enhanced security feature provided by our access control systems is that of door integration – our systems can alert you if a door is opened for an excessive amount of time, and can lock on a schedule so that you don’t have to worry about making sure every door on your property is secure.

Need something else? If your business needs custom monitoring of a system not listed above, we can help! We know that there is a lot of different equipment that a company relies on – we will develop customized solutions for you.

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For more than 35 years, we have been serving clients in Oak Brook and the neighborhoods and cities surrounding Chicago. And for more than two decades, we have been designing and installing comprehensive, effective access control systems built to meet customers’ needs.

A huge number of businesses throughout Oak Brook would benefit from access control systems for enhanced security and peace of mind. To learn more about our access control systems and the customized options we can offer, please contact our team today at 708-349-9000. You can also send us a message using the intake form found on our website.

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