Oak Brook Burglar Alarms

Oak Brook Burglar Alarms

When it comes to your home, your security is the first concern. And while there are a few options for home defense, the most prevalent by far is the burglar alarm. Having an effective home defense system can be the vital difference during the off chance that a break-in does occur, and can provide you and your family with the advance warning that truly makes the difference for protecting your loved ones and your possessions. At Access Master Security Electronics, we offer a wide range of Oak Brook burglar alarms and security products. Keep your home protected today!

Types of Oak Brook Burglar Alarms

There are two main categories of burglar alarms, both of which can be effective in their own ways. Depending on the needs of your home, one may be more effective than the other. Here they are:

  1. Bells only: as the name suggests, this type of alarm is suited for its initial impact when your home is broken into. Depending on the specifics of the alarm, it may trigger when someone smashes a window, crosses a line or when a door opens without disengaging the alarm. When the alarm goes off, it will be accompanied by a loud, repeating noise, and flashing lights. Often, this alone is enough to dissuade intruders, and this variety of alarm is much less expensive than monitored alarms. However, when someone breaks into your home, you will not be aware until you return home, and the police will not be informed.

    This variety of alarm is excellent for lower-risk houses and for those who spend most of their time at home. If it is likely you are at home during a break-in, the bells-only alarm will offer you the same protection as a monitored system.

  2. Monitored: These systems, though generally more expensive than the simple bells-only variety, tend to offer more protection for your home. With these systems, your home will be ‘monitored’ by a security provider, who will contact the police when the alarm trips. Typically, you trip an alarm whenever a door or window opens from the outside and the security lock is not disengaged within the allotted timeframe. If the alarm trips and the monitoring company is unable to get in touch with the home’s resident, the police are contacted immediately.

This type of Oak Brook burglar alarm is especially beneficial if you are not at home when the break-in occurs, as the police will be contacted immediately, and may be able to protect your possessions in the process. Further, the possibilities of these types of alarms have opened up significantly with the rise of digital technology. It is now easier for the monitoring companies to get in touch with the homeowners and for the homeowners to manually monitor their property.

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