Oak Brook Fire Alarms

Oak Brook Fire Alarms

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs are no strangers to fires. In the mid-1800s, for instance, the Great Chicago Fire burned a huge section of the city, resulting in many lives lost and millions of dollars in rebuilding efforts over the coming years. We’re much more prepared for fires these days, and that has developed us avoid any incidents of that magnitude for quite some time. However, a fire contained to your home or neighborhood can still cause some serious harm to your life and livelihood: investing in our Oak Brook fire alarms can give you the warning you need to protect your family, home and possessions. To learn more about our high-tech solutions to life’s problems, reach out to Access Master today!

How Can a Fire Alarm Protect Me?

If your home or business is burning down, it may not seem like a fire alarm will do much to protect your loved ones and possessions. However, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”; this is particularly true when it comes to fires! Many fires begin with some telltale warning signs — heat, wisps of smoke or other detectable scents in the air. With the right Oak Brook fire alarms for your building, you can be alerted to these signs before the fire begins to burn out-of-control, and may have the opportunity to intervene with a handheld extinguisher or other fire-prevention device. In the case that you cannot safely contain the fire, an alarm can also alert everyone nearby to the danger before they risk the chance of severe burns and smoke inhalation. Rather than risking your life, you’ll have a better chance to safely leave the premises with your most prized possessions. Whichever case comes to pass, you’ll be glad you had the early warning!

What are a few Common Fire Alarms?

There are a couple of different fire alarms commonly used in homes and businesses throughout America. You can broadly sort these into a few categories:

  • Smoke detectors – as the name implies, these systems are specially designed to “sniff out” any telltale signs of smoke inside your building. These systems are either ionization — using trace amounts of radioactive material — or photoelectric, which uses a light beam to detect smoke. Each variety has its pros and cons, and you can reach out to Access Master to learn more!
  • Heat detectors – these systems are older than smoke detectors but have been used to effectively detect fires for many years. When the temperature of the room exceeds a set range, or a specific source of heat appears, the alarm will trip. These systems have the downside of being slower to detect fires than smoke detectors. However, they also result in fewer false alarms.

With either of these types of systems — or both — you can make sure your home or business is well-protected from the disastrous effects of an out-of-control fire. To learn more about the systems we have available at Access Master, reach out and ask about our Oak Brook fire alarms.

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