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Access Control Systems in Schaumburg, IL

Being in control of your company, including who enters company property and when, is an important part of your efficacy as a business manager or owner. At Access Master Security Electronics, we believe that security and maximum efficiency goes beyond just controlling who enters your business and who is kept out, though, which is why we provided customized access control systems that go well beyond locked doors.

Our Access Control Systems in Schaumburg – Comprehensive Systems for Your Business

Our access control system are exactly what you are looking for in terms of a comprehensive solution for managing multiple aspects of your business in a single, straightforward and robust manner. Our access control systems are able to:

  • Provided controlled access. Of course, of the of most obvious benefits of an access control system is that a system provides controlled access for authorized users. Our systems can be designed to authorize, open, and close up to hundreds of doors and gates with a single system. What’s more, access can be granted remotely, so you can have control over locking, unlocking, or opening or closing, doors or gates from wherever you are.
  • Integrate alarms and timers for doors and gates. Our access control systems can also be integrated in order to include alarms and timers for your doors and gates. We can develop systems that will sound an alarm–and of course provide you with notification–in the event that a door or gate is opened without access or during a certain time. We can also schedule doors and gates to automatically lock or unlock on a specific schedule.
  • Light, power, temperature, and generator integration. Part of running a successful business is making sure that all of your systems are working efficiently, which is why an access control system that provides light, power, temperature and generator integration is so useful. Our systems can turn your lights on and off on a schedule, monitor and alert you of any temperature changes to a certain area, and let you know if power is lost or your generator is low on fuel or needs any maintenance.
  • Video surveillance integration. Finally, our team takes pride in the fact that we are experts in video surveillance and commercial camera installation services. When you work with us and seek the installation of an access control system, we can link it to an existing video surveillance system, or upgrade your system.

Why You Should Work with Access Master Security Electronics

Receiving automatic updates about the happenings of your business is essential – the sooner you get critical information, the sooner you can make decisions that are designed to minimize loss. At Access Master Security Electronics, we understand this, which is why we provide customized solutions for your business that are focused on what you need.

Our access control systems are highly efficient, and will help you meet your business’ security goals. We have been installing access control systems in Schaumburg for more than 20 years, and have been serving customers in Schaumburg and surrounding areas for more than 35.

If you want to learn more about the installation of an access control system for your business, and you want to work with a professional company you can trust, we hope you’ll call us today at 708-349-9000. You can also email us by filling out the online form on our website. We look forward to working with you!

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