Schaumburg Fire Alarms

Schaumburg Fire Alarms

Protect Your Business, Your Home, Your Family, and Your Employees with Trusted Fire Alarms.

A home or business fire can be absolutely devastating, resulting in hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars’ worth of property damage, or/and causing severe injury and death to household members or employees. And home fires are more common than one may think: over a five-year period in the United States, fire departments across the nation responded to approximately 358,500 structure fires per year, and home fires were involved in 93 percent of all civilian structure fire deaths and 68 percent of all total direct damage in structure fires.

While a fire is not always preventable or foreseeable, there is a way to give your family or your employees the warning necessary to, hopefully, escape harm: the installation of a comprehensive fire alarm system.

At Access Master, our Schaumburg fire alarms are designed to protect property and people. Call us today to learn more about how we can help keep you safe.

The Importance of Fire Alarms for Your Schaumburg Home or Business

The most critical reason to have a smoke and fire alarm system installed in your home or place of business is that these alarm systems can save lives. Smoke and flames can spread incredibly fast; a fire alarm can provide anyone within the home, as well as the fire department, with a warning, improving the chances that everyone will get out in time. Tragically, three out of every five home fire deaths over a five-year period occurred in homes without fire alarms. In addition to sounding an alarm that informs structure occupants that there is a fire and that they need to get out, technologically advanced fire alarms can also:

  • Call the police and fire department;
  • Provide voice alerts;
  • Be hardwired into a home’s or business’s electrical system;
  • Offer safety lights to provide illumination if a fire occurs when it’s dark out; and
  • Notify you if your fire alarm goes off if you’re away from the home (remote access).

Fire alarms can also be integrated with security systems, unlocking doors and gates to allow employees to safely get out of a building that’s on fire. They can also be connected to home or business overhead sprinkler systems, which can initiate in the event of flames to help control fire and mitigate serious damage.

Work with Our Schaumburg Fire Alarm Installer

At Access Master, we have been installing fire alarm systems in Schaumburg and surrounding areas for more than three decades. Over the years, we’ve seen major improvements in fire detection technology and alert systems, and today, we use the best products on the market. Serving home and business owners, we can guide you through the various product and integration options. If you want to take steps to protect your property and those who are most important to you, call our team today. You can reach Access Master for a free estimate at 708-349-9000, or by sending us a message using the intake form on our website.

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