Tinley Park Burglar Alarm

Tinley Park Burglar Alarm

Want to keep your family or business safe as safe as possible? You can by installing a burglar alarm in your Tinley Park home or business. When you install a burglar alarm, you are letting burglars know that they will not get far robbing your home or business. Often, the mere presence of a burglar alarm deters burglars from going near your home or business. Burglars like easy targets and when they see a burglar alarm they will go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, many home and business owners do not think a burglar will break into their property, and when a burglary does occur, they are shocked. Crime has no borders and burglars are always on the lookout for a no one is paying attention opportunity. Don’t let yourself become another statistic, get a burglar alarm from Access Master in Tinley Park.

How do Burglars Select A House or Business to Break Into?

Did you know that according to the FBI over 2 million homes are burglarized every year? Also, every year about 10 percent of small businesses are robbed. What do burglars look for when breaking into a home or business? Well, as you know they look for an easy target, and they look for the following:

  • Tall bushes or fences. When landscaping or fencing hides the home or business from onlookers, burglars look at that property as a prime target.
  • Lots of traffic. If you live or own a business where there is lots of traffic, believe it or not, burglars find those properties easy to rob, because of all the commotion and all the quick exits.
  • No lights on in your home or business. When the lights are off, burglars think that no one is home and may try to break in.
  • No dog. Burglars will often watch a home or business for a while to make sure a burglary would be successful. If a dog is present, about half or 50 percent of burglars will check out another property because they do not want to deal with the dog.
  • A new subdivision or business complex. Burglars steal from a newer property because the community is new and has not had time to become a tight-knit neighborly community.

Increase your chances of not getting robbed or burglarized when you have a burglar alarm installed by Access Master in Tinley Park.

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As a homeowner or business owner in Tinley Park, one of the best security investments you can make is the installation of a burglar alarm. When you contact us for an appointment, we can discuss all your options for what type of burglar alarm will work best for your needs. Installing a burglar alarm in your home or business will increase your chances of not becoming a robbery and will provide a sense of security for your home and business.

If you have decided to improve security at your home or business, contact us at Access Master. Simply phone us at  708-349-9000, or contact us on our website by filling out the information form found on our contact page. We are here to help you install your burglar alarm today.

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