Tinley Park Fire Alarm

Tinley Park Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is a necessity in every home and business in Tinley Park. Fires spread so quickly that it has become law in the US for every type of property to have some fire alert system in place to warn occupants. Fires can start at any time, but fires are especially devasting in the Midwestern winter months when the water used to put the fire out turns to ice and becomes ineffective in putting out the fire.

Put your worries aside and get a fire alarm installed from Access Master in Tinley Park. For over three decades, they have been helping homeowners and businesses with all their fire alarm needs. Access Master is a business that many have come to trust in Chicago’s southern suburbs, including Tinley Park and Northwest Indiana.

Most Common Origins of House or Business Fires

What are some of the reasons why a fire starts in a home or business? The number one reason for a residential fire is a cooking fire. A pan or utensil catches on fire from the open gas flame, and quickly the fire becomes out of control. It is unlikely that you will stop cooking, therefore, use precaution and keep an eye on whatever you are cooking. Other reasons include:

  • Live Christmas Trees. If the tree is not hydrated, the heat from the lights can cause the brittle branches to ignite. You can reduce your fire risk by only using an artificial tree at Christmas.
  • Smoking Cigarettes or Cigars. If you drop a lit cigarette or leave a bunch of cigarette butts in an ashtray, a fire can start without much warning. Make it a point to smoke only outside to avoid a house or business fire that burns out of control.
  • Candles and Incense. When there is an open flame in the house, sometimes you may not notice that you lit a candle near flammable materials and soon a fire has started. Be sure to make sure that your candles do not have much debris around them.
  • Space Heaters. Again the heat from space heaters can ignite flammable materials. Only use space heaters when you are fully alert and sitting or standing near it.

Don’t let a fire get the best of you and your property. Contact Access Master in Tinley Park for a fire alarm today.

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As a homeowner or business owner in Tinley Park, one of the best security investments you can make is the installation of a fire alarm. When you contact us for an appointment, we can discuss all your options for what type of fire alarm will work best for your needs. Installing a fire alarm in your home or business will reduce your risk of becoming a victim in a fire and will provide a sense of security for your home and business.

If you’re ready to improve fire security at your home or business, be sure to contact us at Access Master. Call us at 708-349-9000, or contact us on our website and fill out the information form found on our contact page. We are here to help you install your fire alarm today.

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