Video Surveillance System in Chicago

Video Surveillance System in Chicago

Everyone in the Chicagoland area knows the importance of security. Whether you, a loved one or a friend have experienced a break-in, these events are widespread enough to warrant some serious attention — whether you want to protect your home, apartment or business. There is no feeling so terrible as returning to your place, only to find your personal space invaded, and your possessions stolen. With the help of our video surveillance system in Chicago, Access Master assists residents and small business owners alike with their security concerns. These systems can be invaluable for anyone hoping to prevent break-ins, and can grant you round-the-clock protection. Get in touch with Access Master today to learn more about our virtual security systems, and how they can effectively protect you and your possessions.

How Does Video Surveillance Work?

Many people feel anxious about leaving their home or business. However, for anyone not working at home — which, incidentally, is almost everyone — you are going to spend hours away from one or the other every day. Even if you have a security alarm system installed, there is no guarantee that a break-in will not occur. And while these systems have helped lower the overall rate of burglaries around the U.S. theft still happens, and these systems do not guarantee that the police apprehend the burglar, or that your possessions will be returned.

As a result, a video surveillance system in Chicago may be your best bet. These systems allow for monitoring and recording within your premises, generally monitoring the “high-risk” areas of your home that are most likely to attract unwanted visitors. Whether you have a camera pointed at your front door, down the hallway, or surveilling your property from outside, these offer enhanced coverage. Even better, our systems allow you to access your cameras from mobile devices, even when you are off-site. As a result, you can immediately contact the authorities if you notice movement in your home or business. Finally, cameras have the added benefit of recording specific details of the intruder, allowing you to note facial or body features which might help have your stolen property returned and bringing the responsible parties to justice.

Our Video Surveillance Systems

Beyond all the features and benefits listed above, Access Master offers all of the following features for our systems:

  • Choice – whether you would like to trust your home or company security to old-school analog cameras, or want to upgrade to state-of-the-art IP megapixel technology, we can accommodate your requests!
  • Customization – want the best security systems available, but are finding it difficult with your budget constraints? Our innovative video surveillance systems in Chicago can install a few high-resolution megapixel cameras at the most critical areas of your home or business, while leaving the rest covered with cheaper analog cameras. Hybrid security systems are becoming more and more popular as a way to save money without sacrificing your security.
  • Mobile Access – as mentioned above, you can sync your phone to the security systems, granting yourself round-the-clock monitoring.

If you have been wondering about video surveillance systems in Chicago, contact Access Master today to learn more about our options, and to see how we can boost your security.

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