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05 Nov 2019

Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Over the past 25 years, Access Master has helped keep many businesses and commercial establishments safe. We’ve also protected countless homes by providing security systems for homeowners. Our security systems work round the clock to ensure that your home is protected. There are many benefits to having a security system in your home. Here are some ways that a home security system can boost your home’s safety. Once you see how a security system would be beneficial for you, call Access Master to create a custom system! 

Protection From Burglary

Did you know that a burglary happens every 23 seconds in the United States? Even if you believe that you live in a safe area, you are at risk for robbery and break-ins. Homes with security systems are much less likely to face a burglary incident than a home that is undefended. Your alarm system will alert you at a moment’s notice if it detects tampering with your windows and doors. Also, studies suggest that burglars are more likely to target the same home twice, so deterring them the first time will prevent the worry that it’ll happen again.

Large Scale Monitoring

If your house is large, you may feel overwhelmed about keeping an eye on everything. You will benefit from having a security system that monitors your home all in one place. With a video surveillance system, your entire home’s interior and exterior are visible in a single glance. A 180 or 360-degree camera provides expansive coverage and capabilities. Another benefit of a video system is that you can record suspects on camera, which can make it easier for law enforcement to take action.

Defense Against Fire

When you think of a security system, your initial thought might be about keeping out intruders. However, there are many other dangers that pose a major threat to you and your home’s safety, such as fires. Since it is difficult to prevent fires in all circumstances, your best bet is to focus on preparation. A quality fire alarm is an essential part of any home. Whenever an emergency arises, a fire alarm from Access Master will alert you as soon as possible so you can take action to protect your home and your family. 

Assist Your Kids

If you have children, you may worry about them getting in and out the door safely. A security system is an excellent way to make sure that your home stays secure while your kids come and go. For many parents, their schedule does not align with their children’s. Access Master can install a passcode lock on your door, so you don’t need to worry whether or not your child can get in the door. You’ll find peace knowing that your family has access to your home whenever they need it. Plus, if you install an automatically locking door, you will feel relieved knowing that your child will never accidentally leave the door unlocked!

Protect Your Home Today

If you are interested in installing a security system in your home, get in touch with one of our professionals at Access Master. Learn more about how a custom security system can protect you and your family by giving us a call today.

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