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10 Sep 2018

Small Businesses Need To Stay On Top Of Cyber, Physical Concerns

While cybersecurity concerns are a real worry for small business owners in today’s culture, the need for a camera security system should not be dismissed. Entrepreneurs should not shift their focus away from worries of viruses or data theft, but share the spotlight with video surveillance needs that we can help address at Access Master Security Electronics.

The Basics for Small Business Cybersecurity

Ransomware and phishing continue to be part of our everyday Internet landscape. With ransomware, files won’t be accessible until a “ransom” is paid out and phishing are those emails that steal vital information from your business. Many businesses aren’t prepared for such an attack despite the real threat of such an invasion and the concern and worry of not only losing data, but also the cost of any sort of file and data clean-up.

Some easy-to-implement strategies include:

  • Safe data: Make sure to back-up your business’s information not just once, but continually. Make a schedule and put someone in charge of this aspect of your business so it doesn’t get forgotten or overlooked.
  • Anti-virus software: It sounds like a no-brainer, but software to search for and incapacitate any virus is vital in this day and age. Also, the software should be regularly updated as it’s no good if it’s not running at a current level.
  • Phishing 101: Train your employees on how to identify and stay away from suspicious emails. Phishing emails are always evolving and look more and more like real requests from banks or government agencies. Clicking on attachments from a phishing email can launch an attack on your data.
  • Time for an expert?: After an analysis of your business’s cybersecurity plan or realization that you don’t have one, you may need to contact an expert in the field who can help put the tools into place that your particular company needs going forward.

Physical Security Still A Priority

In the real world, there continues to be security concerns and challenges that a custom video surveillance system can address. Technology combines with expertise to keep an eye on what’s going on at your business with even just one camera that is in the right place.

We can offer your company the peace of mind of a system with the ability to access your physical company when you are not even there! Software options allow for the integration of additional services into your video management software such as turning your alarm system off and on.

Our hybrid surveillance option includes Analog and IP Megapixel cameras. The Analog camera utilizes less bandwidth and can work in lower light environments. The IP Megapixel cameras have the ability for off-site oversight with a higher resolution.

We Can Tailor A Security Solution To You

When it comes to safety, we have many services for your individual business, whether that’s video surveillance, access control, hosted access control or burglar and fire alarms! Connect with us in person at 15321 S. 70th Court in Orland Park, IL., call us at 800-321-2850 or fill out our online form.

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