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Hosted Access Control

A hosted access control system provides a greater level of security and benefits to our clients. No longer do you need to have a specially trained employee to manage the access control software. If this person were to go on vacation, become ill, or leave your organization you would be left with no one to manage your access control system. With a hosted access control system there is always someone trained to make the changes you need.

Access Master has spent years designing, installing and perfecting Hosted Access Control solutions for clients across the country. This convenient option allows a client to remain focused on business-critical issues while an Access Master professional manages their Access Control software from off site.

Client requested changes granting, restricting or eliminating access for employees based on one’s status with the company are implemented as soon as 5 minutes of receiving the request.

As upgrades to the system’s software become available Access Master implements these automatically; the client may never notice the changes during the seamless transition.

Program records are stored remotely freeing up valuable data storage space for day-to-day business proceedings and archives, and available upon request for regular review and auditing.

The Hosted Access Control system includes ALL available program options for optimal security effectiveness.

Current clients can convert to the convenience of a Hosted Access Control system for little or no charge.

Hosted Access Control means your site security is monitored and managed by our dedicated team of professionals who manage these systems every day. This service will free up your employees to continue doing what they do best—running your business. It also eliminates the added expense of hiring an on-site system manager or security personnel.

To learn more about the benefits of a Hosted Access Control system Contact Us today.

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