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Access Control Security Systems

Maintaining total control of who has access to your property and buildings is critical to protecting valuable company assets. For more than 20 years, Access Master has designed and installed robust access control systems built to meet the specific needs of each customer. From buildings with a single door or gate to systems managing multiple sites and hundreds of doors, Access Master has the experience to implement an effective solution for your organization.

A flexible, multi-faceted Access Control System not only gives access to authorized users, but can include several options to help better manage your organization. Among the available options are:


    receive instant email or text notifications when your generator is running, low on fuel, or when the power is out. Knowing about an outage during or even prior to its occurrence can help you manage the situation and result in less damage and loss.


    a common way to defeat building security, with a door prop alarm you receive an email or text alert when a particular door remains open for a pre-established length of time. Additionally, personnel near the door are alerted to the open door with an audible siren that deactivates once the door is closed.


    If there is something specific in your business that you would like to have monitored, Let us know! We can often find ways to notify you when there is a change to business critical equipment.


    if it becomes too warm in your server room or freezer you can receive an immediate email or text alert. The sooner you can respond to the situation, the sooner you can minimize the loss.


    synchronized video surveillance for heightened security captures images of everyone interfacing with building access points.


    automatically turn on your parking lot lights at night and turn them off in the morning. Conserve energy and save money by using the lights only when needed.


    programmable to allow only those users with alarm codes access to your facility when the alarm is active.


    Put your door on a schedule to lock and unlock automatically.

Access Master has spent more than 25 years building relationships with customers in order to develop, install and monitor robust systems of all sizes. Applications of Access Control Systems have evolved to include monitoring not only of facility entry, but also energy usage and key environmental elements of a building.

Contact Us to learn how your facility will benefit from a custom designed Access Control System. A knowledgeable member of the Access Master team will be in touch to discuss your needs. We are confident a custom system can be developed that exceeds your expectations.

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