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A custom Video Surveillance system designed and installed by Access Master makes keeping eyes on your business easier than ever. Even a single, well-positioned video camera enhances security at any location. The technology and expertise Access Master brings to every assignment offers several important benefits, including:

  • Remote & mobile accessibility available

    software features for unlocking and doors, turning on and off lights, and arming and disarming alarm systems can be integrated into your video management software. This permits you to perform important tasks, whether actually present or not. Turn on lights to view inventory after hours, allow deliveries or accomplish other functions, all while viewing on-site or from your cell phone.

  • Cost effective video surveillance & security solutions

    through implementing a hybrid video system, Access Master can give you the ability to have both analog and megapixel cameras on the same system. This allows you to upgrade your surveillance system gradually as your budget allows while installing megapixel cameras in areas of high value and

  • IP Megapixel technology

    higher resolution video for easier identification of license plates, facial features and other subtle details appearing on the screen, with advanced compression technology that reduces both bandwidth and storage space usage.

  • Seeing the whole Picture

    unlike a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera, Megapixel cameras capture more detail with expanded viewing capabilities without the need for manual operation – a Megapixel camera is always focused on the action.

  • Video surveillance of a site with a single camera

    with four lenses on a single camera, Access Master can provide you with a 180 or 360 degree megapixel view of your facility. This is ideal for monitoring large areas with just one camera. This not only provides you with amazing pictures, but is less expensive than installing multiple cameras!

Video Surveillance Systems for Business


Video Surveillance System Installation

Hi Resolution

high quality Video Surveillance solutions

An Access Master Hybrid Surveillance solution delivers the strengths of both Analog and IP Megapixel cameras for optimal benefit.
Requiring less bandwidth to operate and very effective in low light conditions, analog cameras provide excellent coverage at a value for smaller or enclosed areas. IP Megapixel cameras provide higher resolution images and wireless transmission for offsite monitoring. Taking advantage of both formats results in an effective system at a tremendous cost savings.

Whether your facility needs a new video surveillance system or an upgrade for greater proficiency, the skilled, experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Access Master will create a custom system that exceeds your expectations.

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