VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Telephone System

With over three decades of telecom experience, Access Master has partnered with many organizations to provide them with reliable telephone systems that fit their specific needs. With our VOIP telephone systems, we are better able to provide our customers with more benefits at a greater value.

Some of the new benefits of our VOIP telephone system are:

  • Reduce overhead with our hosted telephone system option that allows you to only pay for the capacity you need.
  • Have your voicemails emailed to you in an audio file so that you can listen to them at your convenience, forward them to others, and replay them easily as necessary
  • The ability to eliminate expensive telephone lines by replacing them with internet based telephone lines
  • Enhanced call routing to achieve quick connections to the right people
  • The ability to keep your current telephone numbers even when you move to internet based telephone lines
  • Use your cell phone as your office phone when you are out of the office
  • Improved call quality with HD audio
  • Enhanced Auto Attendant availability

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  • Full Service Custom Security Solutions
  • Reduced Phone Costs With A VOIP Phone System.
  • Your Time Back – Your Site Security is Monitored & Managed By Access Masters Allowing You To Focused On Your Business.
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