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Our Services

Our affiliations with the industry leaders ensure you receive the best surveillance package at the best value.

Access At A Glance


A 100% touchless access control system that quickly and accurately identifies 

with out the need for a badge or key card.  Verifies that persons requesting entry belong in your building prior to unlocking or even automatically opening the door.  Meets CDC guidelines for Environmental NPI’s.

Access Control

Maintaining total control of who has access to your property and buildings is critical to protecting valuable company assets. For more than 20 years Access Master has designed and installed robust access…..

Hosted Access Control

A hosted access control system provides a greater level of security and benefits to our clients. No longer do you need to have a specially trained employee to manage the access control software. If this person were to go on…..


A custom Video Surveillance system designed and installed by Access Master makes keeping eyes on your business easier than ever. Even a single, well-positioned video camera enhances security at any location…..

Burglar & Fire Alarms

Burglary and fires are two of the most frightening threats you can experience as a homeowner. In both cases, you and your loved ones are put in danger within your own home…..

VoIP Phone Systems

The limitations of traditional office phone systems can prevent your business from achieving optimal productivity. Access Master installs voice over IP (VOIP) telephone systems that offer users expanded capabilities and benefits…..

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